History of LID Establishment


History of LID Establishment: The rise of the water level at Lake Pulaski has been a problem for various lake shore residents since the early 1970s. At first the problem was blamed on a heavy snow or rainfall, but over the last fifteen years the situation grew from a few wet basements to dozens of homes severely damaged by the water. Finally, after numerous meetings and hearings — involving the home owners, the city, the township, the county, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, and the Army Corps of Engineers — an agreement was made for funding the Lake Pulaski Stabilization Project in the fall of 1986.

Petition to establish the LID 

Wright County Special Session - Dec. 1984

Certificate of Approval and Appointing of Board of Directors

1st Annual LID Meeting - Aug. 1985

2nd Annual LID Meeting - Aug. 1986

3rd Annual LID Meeting - Aug. 1987

4th Annual LID Meeting - Aug. 1988


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